Tripbase Launches Free Travel eBooks

500 inspirational travel secrets from 200 of the world’s top travel bloggers available now, absolutely free and for a great cause!

The Story Behind the Secrets

The Best Kept Travel Secrets eBooks are a result of a unique collaborative project, the first of its kind to take place on the Internet.

Starting with just one blog post back in November 2009, the project spread quickly with 200 amazing travel bloggers revealing their most closely guarded travel secrets.

The secrets were too good not to share! So we compiled all 500 of them into seven inspirational travel eBooks, available for free download right now!

From magical destinations to bargain hotels, exotic foods and expert travel tips, this wealth of insider travel knowledge will take you places you never dreamed of.

The Cause

For every person that downloads a Travel Secrets eBook Tripbase will make a $1 donation to the fantastic cause, Charity: Water.

Our mission: to help bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Our campaign target: to build four freshwater wells, providing clean water for an entire school for the next 20 years.

Join the Campaign

Download your free Travel Secrets eBook and help a great cause! Which travel secrets are your favorites? Post up your comments and let us know!


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