Welcome to the Tripbase.com blog

Welcome to the Tripbase.com blog,

We’d like to thank all of our dedicated users for all the fantastic feedback we have received since our launch.  We are hard at work making improvements and changes to make sure this product gives you the user what you really want.

In the meantime, our computers have been crunching and processing the plethora of travel information available from travel industry databases, travel websites, and travel blogs, and we wanted to share with you some of our exciting findings here in our blog.  All of these findings and much more will be integrated into Tripbase.com in the near future, but we wanted to give our dedicated users a sneak peak at some of the more interesting results.

We’re going to tell you about destinations you’ve never heard about, and we’ll share with you some exciting things about destinations that you have heard about… we’re also going to share some industry information, including a few things that I’m sure nobody wants you to know.

Tripbase.com is still in alpha because we really want to publicly launch only once we are satisfied that the product it truly excellent, so please give us feedback… the more the better.   We know that we’re missing some stuff and we’ll be publishing information about places that are not yet up on the live site… but we just couldn’t keep all the good secrets to ourselves.  We feel the need to share what we’ve got.

Enjoy the site,
Reuven Levitt
CEO / Co-founder

One thought on “Welcome to the Tripbase.com blog”

  1. Its great what you guys have done with this site. I am so excited to see what comes next. Keep up the innovation. Nice blog too.
    I heard there is a new version coming soon.

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