What Your Travel Dreams Mean

Do you dream of exotic lands and faraway places? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something? Read on to discover the meaning of your travel dreams!

Do you remember your dreams? Where do you go in your sleep? Travel dreams specifically have a lot of meaning for you and what’s going on in your life.

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1) Traveling the World

Dreaming about traveling does not necessarily mean you should go traveling, or continue traveling if you already are.

It might have to do with escaping the current situation you find yourself in, such as a mind-numbing office job or a bad relationship.

Traveling dreams signal a larger life decision at hand: what are your real life goals? Perhaps sitting in a cubicle is hindering your soul’s purpose?

Maybe it’s time to hop on that plane to India or to implement some big changes right where you are? 

Pay attention to what shows up in your waking life when you have travel dreams – these signs may be pointing you to where you need to go.

2) Flying Like a Bird

The common dream of flying has a similar meaning to what it feels like to fly in real life: freedom.

If you are enjoying the sense of flight in your dream, it usually signals that you feel in control of your life and surroundings.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble staying in flight, that may indicate you feel a lack of power in some current situation.

Flying dreams are sometimes identified as “lucid dreaming,” which basically means that you are aware you are dreaming and can sometimes control the action of the dream.


3) A Majestic Castle

Did you find yourself staring at a grand castle in your dreams last night?

This is a great dream to have, as it signifies reward and praise. Maybe even a little extra loot will find its way into your pocket.

Not so fast, though – it can also just mean your desire to have rewards and praise.

This dream depends on what’s going on during the day for you – are you feeling light and airy and at peace with the world?  Or are you wishing some guy on a white horse would come and whisk you away?

Be honest with yourself. If you are hoping for something or somebody else to show up and take care of the details, realize that you are the one in control of your life and destiny.

4) A Plane Crashing Down

Unlike flying, which usually denotes a positive state of mind, dreaming about a plane crash can be a sign of trouble brewing.

Maybe you’ve set unrealistic goals in your life that are about to come crashing down.

This dream might also mean you have a lack of confidence in yourself to accomplish your dreams.

Sit with your fears and determine whether they are valid or are coming from that little voice that tries to keep you from moving forward.

5) A Frantic Chase

Dreams of being chased denote anxiety, anxiety, and anxiety.

Yep, a lot of anxiety. These dreams can feel horrific, such as being chased by a person or animal, or even some sort of monstrous creature. They often leave you with a deep, dark feeling and a racing pulse.

The main thing to note about these types of dreams is that your subconscious is letting you know you are not facing something that is causing fear in your life.

You are running away from the things which causes you strife.

Dreams of being chased are often recurring, at least until you begin to deal with what is causing them.

Often these dreams simply indicate some internal work that you need to do, rather than change your external circumstances.


6) An Arid Desert

Desert dreams are not often happy dreams, and may indicate anything from loneliness to the loss of something important in your life.

Desert dreams may foretell something that your subconscious knows is going to happen, but you may not yet realize intellectually.

Find ways to connect with those around you, focusing on commonalities instead of differences. Know that this too shall pass.

7) Peaceful Swimming

Swimming dreams are often related to the emotions you are feeling in your life.

Maybe there has been some trying situation which has made you contemplate who you are in the world.

Usually, dreams of swimming indicates a positive relationship with your emotions.

It might be as simple as feeling happy with the decision to quit your job and travel around Asia for six months.

Either way, this dream is a sign of peace with your emotional decisions.

JD Hancock

8) Traveling through Time

Time travel dreams are a little tricky, but usually indicate some sort of wish to get out of where you currently are.

You have to determine if this means physically moving – or emotionally moving, such as the need to end a romantic relationship that is hindering your long-term plans.

Sometimes, dreaming about time travel means you want to go back to the past and change something that is affecting you in the present.

Or, your subconscious is jumping to the future.

Think about what is bothering you, and take steps to improve your situation.

9) A Train to Somewhere

Trains can signal many different possibilities when they show up in a dream.

It might represent conformity, that you are just going along with everyone else, or it can mean you are hauling a load that should be spread around many.

Train dreams may also be telling you where you are headed, so pay attention to if and where you arrive. In the grand scheme of things, trains symbolize your life’s journey.

Trains crashing in your dreams may be a sign of chaos in your life.


10) A Criminal Arrest

Dreaming of being arrested can leave you feeling disturbed when you wake up in the morning – for good reason.

This dream may be pointing out that you are guilty of something – taking advantage of a friend, lying to a family member, hiding some important information from your partner – and your subconscious is not going to let you get away with it.

Rectify the situation, and this dream should not re-occur.

Have you had dreams like these? What symbols keep appearing in your dreams?

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9 thoughts on “What Your Travel Dreams Mean”

  1. I don’t have dreams OF traveling but I dream wildly, vividly, WHILE I travel. My dream life gets a dose of technicolored creative craziness while in transit, like a dormant part of my subconscious is activated and has a lot to say! Does this happen to others people?

  2. I recently dreamed I could lift my arms and fly about 10 feet off the ground. It was a good dream. I have also dreamed of driving a boat on city streets and even parking in a parking spot like a car. Odd dream but not unpleasant.

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