Which Continent Are You?

Which world continent best fits your personality? Take our 5 second quiz and find out!

Tyrol Mountain

Think you know yourself pretty well?

Which continent would you say suits you best?

Have a go on our fun quiz and find out where in the world is your perfect fit!

1. You decide to throw a party. What do you go for?

A)    Your 3 closest friends in a quiet bar
B)    A crazy street party
C)    A beach bonfire
D)    Sophisticated dinner party
E)    A wild garden party
F)    A chilled gathering with incense and candles
G)    A dive bar with pumping tunes

2. You’re re-decorating your house. Which style do you choose?

A)    Minimalism
B)    Every wall a different color
C)    Earthy tones
D)    Art prints
E)    Indoor plants and tropical fish
F)    Hanging beads and woven mats
G)   1960’s retro

3. You want to get in shape. Which is your preferred type of exercise?

A)    A punishing program of press-ups
B)    Sweaty dance class
C)    Running in the park
D)    An architectural walking tour
E)    Swimming, climbing and rappelling
F)    Yoga, meditation and reiki
G)    A grueling regime with a personal trainer

4. Your favorite cocktail is:

A)    A refreshing Martini
B)    A spicy Bloody Mary
C)    Organic coffee Kahlúa
D)    A Champagne Bellini
E)    Sex on the Beach
F)    Pina Colada
G)    Whisky Sour

5. Your ideal date would be:

A)    You and your date on top of a hill miles away from everyone
B)    A buzzing restaurant and a passionate kiss
C)    Camping out under the stars
D)    Gourmet dining and fine wine
E)    Beach bar with beautiful people
F)    An eclectic culinary fusion and a selection of exotic teas
G)    Dinner and a movie.

6. Your friends would describe you as?

A)    Quiet and mysterious
B)    Vivacious and sensual
C)    Wild and unpredictable
D)    Well educated and refined
E)    Fun and friendly
F)    Unique and spiritual
G)    Charming and business savvy

7. You’re dressing to impress. What do you wear?

A)    Smooth fabrics and cool colours
B)    Something stretchy and sexy
C)    Scant clothing so your skin can breathe
D)    An impeccable ensemble exquisitely designed
E)    Neon brights
F)    A quirky outfit with vibrant colors
G)    Something cute and sporty

8. You’re hiring a wedding band. Who do you pick?

A)    A solo singer with haunting love songs
B)    A lively 10-piece
C)    Percussionist performers
D)    A string quartet
E)    A brass band
F)    An expressionist dance troop
G)    A great cover band

Mostly A’s: Remote, solitary and mysterious…. You’re Antarctica.
Mostly B’s: Passionate, lively and haphazard….. You’re South America
Mostly C’s: Wild, free and at one with nature….. You’re Africa
Mostly D’s: Refined, sophisticated and cultured….. You’re Europe
Mostly E’s: Down to earth, fun and friendly…. You’re Australia
Mostly F’s: Spiritual, colorful and exotic…. You’re Asia
Mostly G’s: Upbeat, outgoing and open….. You’re North America

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Let us know where you end up!

13 thoughts on “Which Continent Are You?”

  1. Europe and Australia ended up with an equal amount of points – I’m in Europe now, and while I’d like to visit Australia, the whole poisonous snakes and insects everywhere bit kind of turns me off. Call me a wuss, but I prefer an urban jungle ;-)

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