Which Travel Decade Are You?

Feel like you’ve outgrown some places in the world? Figure out your travel decade and find the destinations that suit you best!

Lake Tekapo New ZealandBIG (480 x 331)

Searching for Beauty in New Zealand, by crampy_au

This post by I Eat My Pigeon got me thinking about age and travel.

Are certain places perfect for certain age brackets but totally wrong for others??

Can we divide our travel careers into travel decades?

Let’s take my travel CV as an example and see which travel decade fits you best!

0 – 10 Fun, Sun and Sand

Running, swimming, adventure and silliness.

My 0-10 destinations were Orlando, Florida and Marbella, Spain.

10 – 20 The Naughty Years

Making friends, getting up to mischief, partying and general naughtiness!

For me this was island hopping in Greece, skiing in France and shopping in New York….. Cancun and Ibiza also fit well in the Naughty Years!

20 – 30 The Backpacking Decade

Baggy pants, beach huts and hostel parties.

My backpacking 20’s were spend in Thailand, Australia, Goa and Mexico.

30 – 40 Searching for Beauty

Slowing down the pace, searching for beautiful, unique and special places.

Not quite 30 but hoping to put New Zealand, Italy and China in my 30 – 40 travel decade.

Which travel decade are you? Does it match your age? Still in the Naughty Years at 30, Backpacking at 50? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “Which Travel Decade Are You?”

  1. Well, I clearly fit where I am —- in the 30s to 40s, searching for beauty. Though I just turned 30 last year so I feel like I should be still in the naughty phase.

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