Who Else Hates New Years Eve? 5 Anti-Social Places to Escape it All

Detest New Year’s Eve? Escape to 1 of these beautifully remote destinations. Not a party popper in sight!

I HATE New Year’s Eve. No, I mean really HATE it.

I hate the hype, I hate the expense, I hate the hassle, I hate the anti-climax and I hate being forced to have fun.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run away some place where New Year’s Eve doesn’t exist??

Well the good news is, you can!

Check out these 5 beautifully remote destinations where silence rules and the only counting you’ll be doing will be the stars!

1. Australian Outback, Australia

Ayers Rock Uluru


With Australia’s population concentrated along the main coastal cities, you’ll be pretty safe deep in the Australian outback.

You may run into some sheep shearers in high spirits, oh and there’s that huge sacred rock, Uluru (200 miles from Alice Springs).

Just you the rock and the stars. Beats Times Square!

2. Iditarod Trail, Alaska

Anchorage Alaska

Alaskan Dude

A stunning winter wilderness, Alaska is a superb choice for those in search of solitude.

True hermits should check out the Winterlake Lodge. 200 miles NW of Anchorage, this place is so remote, it’s only accessible by ski-plane!

3. Asolo, Italy

Asolo Italy

Patrick Denker

A sleepy medieval hill town with no cars! That’s right, no cars.

The locals may well be celebrating with a glass of wine or two but you can rest assured it will be the most peaceful New Years you’ve ever had.

4. Yap Island, Micronesia

Yap Island Micronesia


A stunning Pacific Island with a culture built on social peace.

Even playing your radio too loud is just not cool.

You won’t find any raucous New Years parties here. What a relief!

5. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert Mongolia 2


One of the most isolated places on the planet, the Gobi Desert is the quintessential escapist destination.

Any sign of ancient civilizations are long gone.

Your chums for the big night? Perhaps an intrepid hippy or ambitious paleontologist.

Something tells me Auld Lang Syne won’t be on the playlist!

Been to any of these places? Got more recommendations for party poopers to go and hide?! Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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20 thoughts on “Who Else Hates New Years Eve? 5 Anti-Social Places to Escape it All”

  1. i love new years bc of all the great food we make. even if it is a “party” of 3 (our family), it’s all good. it would be LOVELY to be somewhere else, eating NEW food, though!

  2. I hate new years ever too! I’m getting dragged out to a party in downtown DC but I love the idea of spending it in solitude with some beautiful scenery! Maybe next year…

  3. I think I know Italy well enough to believe that even in Asolo there’s going to be a party for New Year’s Eve!
    I’m not into these parties anymore, and would prefer to spend New Year’s Eve in Mongolian Gobi Desert. Perhaps watching some tribal rituals with eagle-hunters!

  4. Great photos!

    I don’t hate New Years Eve, but much prefer the quiet, loving, family style…well maybe a few minutes of the village craziness & grape eating + fire works here in our tiny village….before back to snuggles in bed. ;)

  5. I hate new year’s eve. It’s like any other day. I don’t think I need to make it special. Hope I could escape to Asolo.

  6. well maybe a few minutes of the village craziness & grape eating + fire works here in our tiny village….before back to snuggles in bed.

  7. As much as I hate the expense of New Years Eve, I’m afraid going to any of these places would be more expensive than hanging out at my neighborhood bar.

    Nevertheless, I wish!

  8. You’re right about the anti-climax of it all. New Years is never half as fun or exciting as you expect it to be; and I’ve celebrated it in Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Berlin, Disney World and even on a cruise ship, and each time it’s been only so-so.

    I went to bed early last year and woke up and watched the sunrise from my balcony with a hot cup of tea and warm blanket. It was really nice!

  9. so do i, i hate new year’s eve. i hate the hype. i hate the expense. i hate being forced to have fun. yeah I hate it, i hate Muslim’s big celebration too.. i just don’t like it. if i were forced, i would get really2 bad tempered

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