Why I Travel Contest: Winning Photos

With over 200 entries into this month’s “Why I Travel” competition we now have a pretty good idea of why you guys travel! Check out the winning photos right here!

Why do you travel?

It’s a simple question that offers much food for thought!

Over 200 of you entered our “Why I Travel” contest – posting a photo and caption that best encapsulates your drive to see the world.

There was originally going to be just one winner but we were so blown away by all your amazing entries that we decided to offer 3 more bonus prizes!

Check out the winning photos right here, as well as some stunning Editors’ Picks!

1st Place

I do it to “get around” the world

Michael Jacobson’s tongue in cheek Sphinx shot won him hundreds of votes and $500 to fly anywhere!

2nd Place

I do it because it makes me feel connected with the world and its people

Emanuele Siracusa’s gorgeous shot of a Cambodian child captured your hearts and won him $100 towards his round the world trip.

3rd Place

I do it to be with close friends, to live in the moment, to experience the music… I do it to feel alive

Veronica Rene Salas’ concert shot rallied music fans worldwide behind her entry and won her $100 towards a flight to see her favorite band…. Muse!

Best Caption

I do it to watch the sun touch the Earth in an entirely different place

We liked the wonderful simplicity of Madison LeMesurier’s “Why I Travel” caption so much that we decided to help her get to Oktoberfest, Munich with $100 towards her flight.

Editors’ Picks

These entries may not have been winners but they jumped out at us as stunning images that deserve credit!

1) I do it simply because I think that it is one of the only ways to truly see other cultures and accept others

By Gabe Glass

2) I do it to explore the “wetter” side of planet ocean

By Robert Scales

3) I do it to be amazed by different cultures and to make a connection with people!

By Peter En Skanda Onzedroomreis

4) I do it to experience wonders

By Kristian Leven

5) I do it to expand my mind

By Enda McKenna

Top 10 Entries

These entries all made it into the top 10 – click through and see what made their photos so popular!

4th Place: I do it for the amazing photo opportunities! Jessica Shadwick

5th Place: I do it for the thrill of discovery! Ellen Kee

6th Place:
I do it so I can discover and experience what the rest of the world has to offer Katharine Greenlee

7th Place:
I do it to free my soul and open my heart to new adventures Heather Tengwall

8th Place: I do it to let go, if only for a day Laura Saggers

9th Place: I do it to see the beauty in the world Andrew Rangel

10th Place: I do it because I keep wandering why Dawn Grimaldi-Lynch

Why do you travel? Post up your comments below and let us know! Want to enter next time? “Like” Tripbase on Facebook for contest updates.

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Main image: I do it because when I travel, I am at my happiest by Sigríður Kristinsdóttir.

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